Friday, 10 December 2010

And then it disappears

I have the theory that Madrid likes to eat things that are dear to me. I don't know why, but it does. It's extremely karmic. The men in my life seem to be swallowed by this city, taken from me for both good and bad.
Madrid is a city that tells me "You can't have this anymore".
You can call this statement sentimental, and lacking rationality. Why would a city do that? How could it? It's probably me just adding emotional symbolism to places and situations, finding patterns through a subjective vein.
Which I do, all the time. The whole subjective pattern thing.
In this case, unconsciousness did it first -talk about subjective-, and of course, when the whole trip began to take shape, I had lots of dreams related to it, about the meeting with Cygny, about flying.
And then I had the silly dream about losing my suitcase.
Losing. My. Fucking. Suitcase.
I am currently waiting for Iberia to locate it, and, in theory, if they find it, they´ll deliver it to me in Brugge.
Notice the "If"
Thus, you can call this reading between the lines, but you won't convince me that Madrid doesn't enjoy depriving me of whatever it can get that somehow is related to my personal sphere.
My, talk about the start of an adventure, facing good ol' europe in winter with only a change of clothes!

Lu doesn't know this yet, as I am waiting for her flight to arrive, drinking this grapefruit juice which has WAY more calories than I thought, and eating a croissant (which probably has all the calories I am guessing), and trying to find out how to get wi-fi in this airport. Lima's was uber friendly and had free wi-fi zone right on my gate (thus my quick message from there!), Madrid seems to have paid wi-fi somewhere, but the somewhere and the how are a mystery yet to be found (the paid part is a staggering 7 euros per hour).
At this rate, I'll only be able to get a decent connection at Brussels, and make the claim about the suitcase from there.

Challenged by the lack of clothes, challenged by the lack of decent communication! THIS IS SPARTA!

(managed the communications bit, still to solve the luggage)


  1. Oh my, what a start, right?
    But you're good at the adventure kind of life (?) so I know you will be just fine ♥
    I hope they find the suitcase soon, though ú_u
    Good luck for both of you ~! ♥

  2. No me lo puedo creer. >_<
    La malasangre que te habrás agarrado.
    Espero que la encuentren y te la manden pronto (mas les vale!!!)

    Como dice Asmo, esto solo hace que la aventura sea aún más aventurera. Apenas llegaste y ya tenías una historia para recordar :)