Sunday, 19 December 2010

London Calling, hohoho

So, the "adverse weather conditions" finally took a toll on us (we had had lots of luck and wonderful days at Belgium and Ireland), and Lu and I are currently trying to get in a flight that might be departing this afternoon. Do send us good vibes! Our previous plane has been cancelled, which is soooo sad and dramatic, specially after the same happened with our bus from Scotland to London (so all we had time to do in London was walk in the middle of the night with our luggage, then play around at the underground
. Now we wait. Patiently. Or not. We wait)
The bus-thingie could be solved by taking another bus, I hope this will be solved by us getting booked on the new flight.

Lu is calling the airline, while I am sitting by this column that strangely has a plug, thus little Hyoga is online again! (free wi-fi! I love airports with free wi-fi!!!) I'm currently watching our bags, which are not as full of chocolate as they used to be :(

On a happier note, we had a great time at Edinburgh and Stirling. I've always loved Scotland and I'm really satisfied that the love remains true. There was also this little german Christmas Market that Lu and I visited often (we realised we have a thing for Christmas Markets, we should have more of those at Buenos Aires!), so we got to eat pretzels and these weird potatoes thingies and stuff (outside the market we ate lots of typical scottish food -yummy!-)

Edinburgh is really as beautiful as I remembered it to be, while Stirling, which I hadn't visited before, was highly interesting. We visited the castle during a special event, and got to dance medieval dances and learn lots of things about the way people lived there.
We also ate renaissance food (I had this "great game pie", which was awesome and I'm fearing it contained more than just beef in it... so I might have eaten Bambi O.O There are pictures, but they'll come later!)


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the post!!!You made me laugh.
    The good vibes are on their way!!!
    Lots of love,Mom.

  2. Embrace change and discover London( Now I want a photo of the sculpture of Peter Pan !!!)Don't miss Portobello Road, the Tate Gallery, Notting Hill,the British Library,the Tower of London, Kew Gardens,etc,etc, etc.
    Do whatever you like but enjoy London!
    Finland can wait for the summer!.Lots of love,Mom