Tuesday, 14 December 2010

From Brugge to Dublin

I was thinking of writing an ode to the pretty Irish singer from the pub we went to tonight, but it wouldn't be proper to be sharing my moments of intense platonic true love. Instead, I'll let the stream of conciousness guide me.

Because, you know, we are in Ireland now.

Today Lu and I, before all the love spreading thingie, went to Trinity College for a walk (OHMY). We had a really nice time there (the Book of Kells' exhibition is lovely -even when we got to see the copy and not the original... we are getting so many museum discounts because of things like that-), walked a LOT and shopped more than we should have to. Shame on us.

We noticed that Dublin has as many pubs per block as Belgium has chocolate stores (Belgian food is AMAZING, there are no words to describe it, no words *dreams of it while hugging the chocolate chips Els got her*), which means quite a lot.

Tomorrow we have a really busy day, with lots of places to see, lots to walk, and another pub to visit (I'll angst about my lost platonic love, it will be so sad), so I think there will be more to report. Right now we still have hours of sleep to catch up, so sorry for the lack of details. There are lots of things I'd like to share, like all the absolutely wonderful things we did in Bruggeg and what a great time we had there thanks to Els, and weather posts, and food posts (did I mention Belgian food is amazing?), and artsy posts, but all those will have to wait until I'm lucid enough. Soooo sleepy right now.

Hope everyone is having a good time back home as well!

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