Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Eating in the UK

Pretzel with Cheese and Onions (Winter in Wonderland, Christmas Market in Hyde Park)

Blueberry yoghurt, chocolate cookie -lucila's-, black forest cupcake. peppermint mocha -out of camera, lucila's also- (starbucks, it who is everywhere -this one in particular was in Picadilly Circus)

Great Game Pie (halfway through), Stirling Castle, Scotland
I've finally learnt what a game pie has, and it seems I've eaten a whole forest O.O
  • -venison (o.o I ate Bambi´s mother)
  • -pheasant
  • -pidgeon (Els, I ATE PIDGEON AFTER ALL X_X)
  • -rabbit

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  1. Yummy!!!I want the blueberry yoghurt and the other things, too!